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Sustaining Pledges


Keeping our Community Open to All 

Or Atid's revenues primarily come from Sustaining Pledges which are flexible, member driven, yearly financial commitments that have replaced fixed annual membership dues.   They help build our community and promote inclusiveness, ensuring that no one will be denied membership for financial reasons.

Our financial values are:

  • As a congregation we will always provide for our mutually determined, collective needs.
  • We all share in the cost of lifelong learning, spiritual exploration and observance, and serving the community, locally and globally.
  • No one will ever be denied membership for financial reasons.
  • We have faith that those who can give more will give more.
  • Everyone will financially participate at some level.

Building and Sustaining Community

Our community is the sum total of the efforts of its members. Together, our contributions of time, effort, and financial support are essential to who we are and what we may accomplish together. Our finances support our home and all that we do throughout the year.  Sustaining Pledges pay for our Rabbi and our teachers, our programs and community events. They pay for our heat and lights, cutting the grass in the summer and snowplowing our driveway and shoveling and walkway the winter. It pays for the small repairs and maintenance that arise throughout the year.  In other words, Sustaining Pledges are essential to Or Atid’s success; they truly represent a congregation-wide effort to ensure the health and vitality of our synagogue for years to come.

Making Your Donation

Every donation, regardless of amount, is critical to our success. Your Sustaining Pledge contribution matters. You can make your pledge by check (please send to Congregation Or Atid at PO Box 38, Wayland, MA 01778) or you can use our website to make a pledge, and pay with a credit card or by EFT (just click the "Donate" button).  You can also email the Treasurer for more information or to make your pledge commitment.

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Thanks to all for making a Sustaining Pledge. Your participation helps to keep our congregation going and growing!

Sun, May 19 2024 11 Iyyar 5784