Useful Links

Here is an easy-to-use guide to popular Jewish sites that you may find helpful:

Jewish organizations:

  • is a website for Jews in Boston. Here you can find an immediate connection to all the amazing Jewish things that are happening in Boston. Discover links to cultural events (music, dance, film, lectures, cooking classes), Jewish education (courses, lectures, trips), organizations (synagogues, community centers, professional networking) and lots more.
  • helps residents and visitors alike find the Jewish resources they need, including information on synagogues and religious services, kosher food, other religious or ritual needs, local events of Jewish interest, and a myriad of ways to connect with others in the Jewish community.
  • The Synagogue Council of Massachusetts is the central organization representing over 120 Conservative, Orthodox, Reform, Reconstructionist and independent member congregations to address a broad spectrum of religious Jewish needs and ideologies.
  • Combined Jewish Philanthropies is the country's oldest Federated Jewish philanthropy, serving Greater Boston and beyond
  • JCRC  Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Boston

Jewish area day schools:

Jewish education and learning sites:


  • Israel21C - 21st Century Israel, its people, its institutions, and its contribution to global society.
  • AJC Israel - Global Jewish Advocacy

Jewish media:

Jewish medical:

  • Halachic Organ Donor Organization - The HOD Society is a non-profit organization that saves lives by encouraging organ donation from Jews to the general population. It educate Jews about the Halachic and medical issues surrounding organ donation, it offers a unique organ donor cards that allow people to choose options that are in accordance with their particular halachic belief, and it offers a live kidney donor program.
  • Gift of Life Bone Marrow Foundation - Gift of Life manages a registry of over 100,000 bone marrow donors of Eastern-European Jewish ethnicity throughout North America and abroad.

Social Action

Family Promise

Or Atid joins next door neighbor Peace Lutheran Church to host homeless families for two consecutive weeks, twice a year. This Fall, families will be hosted at the Church from Oct. 21 to Nov. 4. There are many opportunities to volunteer. Contact Cindy Fenichel or Barbara Boykin for more info.

Community Cooks!

Upcoming dates: Dec. 2 :  Help cook and deliver a meal for Bristol Lodge Women's Shelter, Waltham. 

Patient Navigator Service

With JFS of Metrowest, this free service helps Jewish and other frail older adults living in Metrowest get to and navigate their medical appointments. 

Bristol Lodge

Upcoming dates: Dec. 2: Help set up, clean up and serve a meal to homeless people at this Waltham soup kitchen. Great opportunity for children ages 8 and up and adults. Choose a Sunday.


Adult Education

In Judaism, learning is a life-long process, and each stage brings special blessings and insights. Or Atid offers a wide variety of courses for adults where we explore our rich heritage in a literary and historical way. 

The Supreme Court & Jewish Life in America:
Oct. 15, 22 & 29, 7:30-9:30pm
Led by Yoni Kadden from Gann Academy. We'll explore 3 US Supreme Court cases critical to Jewish practice and American constitutional law.

Bad-ss Broads of the Bible:
10-session course, starting Oct. 16, 10am-noon
Metrowest Jewish Women's Study Group will explore audacious female characters in the Hebrew Bible.

Why Pray? Finding Meaning in Jewish Prayer:
6-session course starting Nov. 8, 7:30-8:45pm
Led by Rabbi Polisson, come and discover the meaning and power of Jewish prayer!