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Rabbi Suggests

See these articles recommended by Rabbi Polisson.  


​Go here to read this 3-part lecture series from Rabbi Shai Held on Judaism's commandment to love.

Go here for a Q and A with Rabbi Tucker (mentor to Rabbi Polisson) on interfaith families, the idea of post-denominational Judaism, and more.

Go here for this interview with one of Rabbi Polisson's teachers, Rabbi Stephanie Ruskay, who talks about relational community organizing.

Go here to read a piece by another teacher of Rabbi Polisson's, Rabbi Jan Uhrbach, on why, as an American Conservative rabbi, she supports marriage equality.

See these links to music recordings and videos suggested by Rabbi Polisson:

Joey Weisenberg's setting of "Nishmat Kol Ḥai

Joey Weisenberg's setting of "Lekhu Neranenah

Nava Tehila's setting of "Mi-Kolot Mayyim Rabbim

Nava Tehila's setting of "Oseh Shalom

A Ḥasidic niggun (wordless melody) titled "Yifrah" used for parts of Hallel and Shabbat & Holiday Pesukei De-Zimra

Click here to listen to "Sketch of Helen Lake" by Or Atid high school student Adam Winograd

Click here to listen to "Vignette 2 - A Mariner Longs for Home" by Or Atid high school student Adam Winograd

Check out these photos of interest:


Photo 1 and Photo 2 of Mekhirat Hametz (selling foods prohibited on Passover) on April 19, 2019

Mon, October 18 2021 12 Cheshvan 5782